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Farzin Rugs, Inc.

Farzin Rugs, Inc. is home to an extraordinary collection of antique Turkish rugs. In this instance, “antique” does not refer to a particular finish or method, but the age category of these exquisite creations. Farzin Rugs, Inc. offers an extensive collection of hand-knotted Turkish rugs, with one of the biggest selections in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. In contrast to Persian rugs, Turkish rugs of the nineteenth century were less sophisticated, brighter in color, more rectilinear, and were more coarsely-woven. Most Turkish rugs were hand-made for European markets. Also, title names like Oushak and Sivas point to the style of rug and from where it originated. Repeating patterns are rare and prayer rugs in solid colors are common in these antique Turkish rugs. We have an assortment of rugs from Oushak, Sivas, Anatulia, Hereke and Ghordes cities.

Turkish Rug Gallery