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Farzin Rugs, Inc.

Farzin Rugs, Inc. offers an extensive selection of beautiful Persian rugs.  Persia, the ancient Persian name of Iran, boasts to be the world's most superior culture in carpet manufacturing. The art of weaving and dying is inherited and carpets of all styles and sizes are made in Persia. .Antique Persian rugs can be divided into two main categories - city (formal) rugs, which were made in workshops, are known for their finely-woven and often intricate designs, and village rugs (informal), which are widely varied in their unique blends of city and nomadic motifs and techniques. The carpets manufactured in the country are often named after the area they are made. Most well-known villages include Tabriz, Kashan, Kerman, Khorassan, Mashad, Sarugh, Malayer, Sarab, Bakhtiar, Bakshayesh, Sultanabad, Bibikabat, Sene, Ferehan, Heriz, Hamadan and Shiraz.  Browse our stunning collection of rugs that vary in size and colors for the one that suits your home and personality.

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